P.09 → Tide Evo


Evo Launch @ SXSW

Role: Art Director + Graphic Designer

Agency: MKG 
Tide Evo is an innovation over a decade in the making. Everything about it, from the way it’s constructed to how it feels and functions, changes and revolutionizes the way we look at laundry. We were tasked with launching this product at SXSW, and introducing consumers with the new visual language of Tide Evo. Every touchpoint nodded to the look and feel of the new packaging — soft, rounded corners, Evo tiles heroed on plinths, and the iconic Tide colors.

We took over Wanderlust Wine Co. in Downtown Austin for 3 days, and opened our doors to guests curious about the future of laundry. We created hands-on experiences that immersed guests in the look, feel, and scent of Tide Evo—and taught them about the science behind the innovation (with the real scientists from P&G who developed it!).