P.08 → When We All Vote


Civic Nation, When We All Vote
Culture of Democrazy Summit

Role: Art Direction + Event Identity + Graphic Design

Agency: MKG
Photography: Marissa Joy

Awarded: Anthem Award Celebrating Purpose
& Mission-Driven Work (Gold)
When We All Vote’s inaugural Culture of Democracy Summit was a four-day gathering bringing together artists, athletes, academics, musical guests, grassroots organizers, civic leaders, corporate leaders, and more to discuss the role different industries play in strengthening our democracy through voter registration, education, mobilization, and culture change.

As we developed the creative for the Culture of Democracy Summit, we drew inspiration from the promise of representative democracy – shared goals, many voices, and diverse perspectives.

With layered imagery and interactions and strong, bold colors, we aimed to inspire and empower attendees to take action, creatively illustrating how we must all work together to keep democracy alive.

Our event identity was echoed throughout the event in the entry moments, graphics, wayfinding, digital messaging, and stage to round out the guest experience.